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Saturday, 27 December 2014

Adriana at Brainy Bunch Equine Park

Adriana will turn 4 years old next years.. supposedly me and my husband decided nk anta dye g kindergarten this years.. but kitaorg x sempat nk booking so the class already full.. agak disspointed jgk mase tu.. but i believe everthing happen 4 a reason.. so this year awal2 lg kitaorg dah booking seat for her...

Today is registration day for her at brainy bunch..   Alhamdullilah everything went very well.... dye terlalu excited.. talking all the time.. try size baju n so on.. i just hope this can help her more to discover n learn as much as she can.. kesian dye kat umah xde kawan.. adik dye sekejap je main elok2.. lebih 15 minit mula la rebut mainan la, aksi pkul memukul smua ade.. so we hope this can improve her social skills.. 

this is the fees for Brainy Bunch Equine park.. kitaorg amik regular (8.00 am to 12.00 noon)

All together is  RM 1920.. but later in june kna byr lagi another 520 for little scientist, because they separate in semester.. monthly is RM350.00.. Quite expenses but i willing to give it a try for her... 

                                                          Hariz nk jgk posing.. Layan..

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