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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The Hardest part of being a mom

Tajuk pn dah sedeh dah kan?? huhuhu.. its really is the hardest thing i ever did in my life.. Since u been conceive u already started to felt worried all the time.. is the baby is going to be okay, is the baby heart baby is normal?? all that stuff.. trust me u will never stop feeling worried about ur children.. The thing that really bugging me is the society nowadays are really judgmental... they really are... usually parent and grand mother and grand father.. they will said like cucu sy dah blh bjalan dah.. ank awak xleh jalan lgi ke? lambatnye.. anak sy dah leh ckap dah waktu ni, ank awak x leh ckp lgi ke? OMG!!! this will make other parent more WORRIED!!! come on guys.. we should be helping each other.. because we already faced this stuff , we know how its felt when our children being compared with others.. so stop doing that to others... i always tell myself to never compare my children with other children.. because i know how its feel..  

I highlight this matter because i want a new mother out there to feel okay, its totally normal how u feel at this moment.. every children is difference.. ada baby cepat, ade baby amik masa skit.. as long as still dlm duration pertumbuhan dorg then its okay.. dont feel bad.. dont feel guilty...just embrace the moments... just ignore those who not support u toward this process.. i know we can do this.. be confident.. because U ARE THE BEST MOTHER AND FATHER FOR UR CHILDREN... dont let anyone said u otherwise..



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