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Saturday, 27 December 2014

Adriana at Brainy Bunch Equine Park

Adriana will turn 4 years old next years.. supposedly me and my husband decided nk anta dye g kindergarten this years.. but kitaorg x sempat nk booking so the class already full.. agak disspointed jgk mase tu.. but i believe everthing happen 4 a reason.. so this year awal2 lg kitaorg dah booking seat for her...

Today is registration day for her at brainy bunch..   Alhamdullilah everything went very well.... dye terlalu excited.. talking all the time.. try size baju n so on.. i just hope this can help her more to discover n learn as much as she can.. kesian dye kat umah xde kawan.. adik dye sekejap je main elok2.. lebih 15 minit mula la rebut mainan la, aksi pkul memukul smua ade.. so we hope this can improve her social skills.. 

this is the fees for Brainy Bunch Equine park.. kitaorg amik regular (8.00 am to 12.00 noon)

All together is  RM 1920.. but later in june kna byr lagi another 520 for little scientist, because they separate in semester.. monthly is RM350.00.. Quite expenses but i willing to give it a try for her... 

                                                          Hariz nk jgk posing.. Layan..

Monday, 22 December 2014

Rombongan ke Aquaria

entry ni dah lame sbenarnye... tapi terlupe nk bt.. asyik bertangguh je.. hahaha....
Sempena birthday Hariz Rizqi ari tu ( 30.10.2014) me and my husband decided tuk bwk ank2 g aquaria.. since x penah bawk dorg g sane.. bawak sekali acu dorg (my sis)..
mase g tu luckily dorg tgh fed the shark... so leh la bgi dorg tgk skali.. but i quite disappointed sbb x byk yg blh tgk sbb dorg tgh renovate mse tu.. rase mcm kjap je jln dah smpai exit dah... but alhamdullilah anak2 having fun n dorg learning a lot mse tu.. that important...

 Mmg best.. ank2 pn ajak g lagi.. inshaaAllah jika diizinkan Allah kite g lgi ye sayang mama...

                                                  Birthday boy dh malas nk bjln

Friday, 12 December 2014

Bila Mama dpt Flower

Tajuk nk meletop je.. hahaha.. this is truly a funny story.. From dating to married my husband never give me any flower.. its not like its benda wajib nk bgi pun kn?? tpi bile kekadang dpt flower tu mcm berseri la jgk hati tu kn? ahakzz.. but, my husband keep saying that he dont like to give a flower.. dye ckp bunga bkn blh makan pun.. boleh ckp mcm tu?? hahaha.. but i always teasing him ckp kat my daughter.. riana best kan klu dpt bunga.. riana tgk bunga tu, cantikkan? klu la ader org bgi mama bunga kan best.. tpi my husband gelak2 je.. anddddd then one fine day after 5 years of married he coming home from work and bring this beautiful flower.. ha!!!! x ke nganga.. mcm x pcaye pn ade jgk... hahaha.. 

                                                         and then next weeknye dye bagi lgi


soo sweet of u.. I still gonna love u even without the flower.. hahaha.. tq so much darling...

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The Hardest part of being a mom

Tajuk pn dah sedeh dah kan?? huhuhu.. its really is the hardest thing i ever did in my life.. Since u been conceive u already started to felt worried all the time.. is the baby is going to be okay, is the baby heart baby is normal?? all that stuff.. trust me u will never stop feeling worried about ur children.. The thing that really bugging me is the society nowadays are really judgmental... they really are... usually parent and grand mother and grand father.. they will said like cucu sy dah blh bjalan dah.. ank awak xleh jalan lgi ke? lambatnye.. anak sy dah leh ckap dah waktu ni, ank awak x leh ckp lgi ke? OMG!!! this will make other parent more WORRIED!!! come on guys.. we should be helping each other.. because we already faced this stuff , we know how its felt when our children being compared with others.. so stop doing that to others... i always tell myself to never compare my children with other children.. because i know how its feel..  

I highlight this matter because i want a new mother out there to feel okay, its totally normal how u feel at this moment.. every children is difference.. ada baby cepat, ade baby amik masa skit.. as long as still dlm duration pertumbuhan dorg then its okay.. dont feel bad.. dont feel guilty...just embrace the moments... just ignore those who not support u toward this process.. i know we can do this.. be confident.. because U ARE THE BEST MOTHER AND FATHER FOR UR CHILDREN... dont let anyone said u otherwise..



Friday, 10 January 2014

My Daughter

tomorrow my daughter will be 3 years old.. huhuhu.. mcm2 perasaan ade waktu ni.. rase sekejap je waktu berlalu.. this year In Shaa Allah my adriana will going to kindergarden. just saje nk bgi dye bergaul dgn kawan2 sebaya dia.. asyik berkepit ngan mama dye ni je kan?? hahaha.. ari tu g brainy bunch kt tman equine ni.. so far Alhamdullilah mcm berkenan.. tpi for me mcm mahal. but my hubby nk jgk dye school situ.. but now da penuh... skrg dorg tgh carikan another teacher utk bkk another kelas.. sbb da ader dlm 5 org tgh tgu jgk.. sy tnye teacher tu, mcm mne ek? anak sy ni x pernah nk berenggang ngan sy selama ni.. mcm mne klu dye menangis nnti.. teacher tu look at me n said..mama kena nekad.. jgn hesitate.. sbb dorg ni dpt rase klu mama dye berat hati.. huhuhuhu.... dan2 berair mata... poyo gile.. bru masuk tadika kot mama oiiii.. but seriously sedihh giler waktu tu.. hahahahha.....

i just wanna u to know my baby girl that mama really love u.. mama always pray for ur success, for ur health, n for everything.. syukur Alhamdullilah mama dikurniakn anak yg sgt baik mcm awak.. if one day mama xde, i know u will always be loved.. because u have such a warm heart.. LOVE U SO MUCH!!!!