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Saturday, 12 November 2011

American Next top model All Star!!!! (cycle 17)

OMG!!! the new ANTM dah ade kt star world (711). actually da 2 episode dah publish, tpi bru dpt tgk tis week. tue pn dpt tgk separuh. For me waktu dorg tunjuk cerita tue sgt2 x sesuai... malam sabtu?? ahh kemon..  ari tue la smua org nk kuar.  isshh,3x.... but kli nie pnye ANTM sgt berbeza.. its call all star.. dye amik blk yg pnah join ANTM dari cycle2 yg dlu n compete blk.. wahh!!! sgt teruja...  so pada yg miss the episode 1 n 2.. here the quick snap!!

 here the cover.. so nice rite?

for the 1st episode, the guest judge is Nicki Minaj yaw....

the bottom two is Brittany and Alexandria.. and.. Brittany are the 1st to be eliminated. 

want to see her pic???? u want rite?? hahaha

For the second episode, the guest judge is Ashlee Simpson.. 

The bottom 2 are Sheena and Kayla.. and i already know who will be send home... definitely ms Sheena... hahaha

her pic 


x sbr nk tgu next week.. (tu pn klu tgk on time) hahaha.. tdi pn tgk kul 2 pg.. lalalala... okla. that all for now.. happy watching ya....


  1. cantik nye blog, btw nice post about ANTM, coz i always miss to watch it! keep update about it! :)